How to Make the Most of Small Bathrooms in Your Turnkey Properties

When it comes time to prepare a turnkey property for the next tenant, there is always some basic refreshing to do. Chances are you will be repainting the entire interior, making some minor repairs, and maybe installing a new appliance. However, one room that often draws in potential tenants is the bathroom. While they may not seem like much, bathrooms are often signifiers of the quality of an apartment. Dumpy bathrooms can make the whole unit feel small and poorly maintained. But what do you do if your bathrooms are mercilessly tiny? Well, here are a few ideas about how to make the most of small bathrooms in your turnkey properties!
How to Make the Most of Small Bathrooms in Your Turnkey Properties [infographic]

Even a Small Bathroom Can Look Great

Some things in life are not easy to change. You can accept them and make the best of it, or just suffer through it. When it comes to bathrooms, we all would love a great big bathroom with a giant tub and copious storage space. Unfortunately, in many multi-family properties, there just isn’t room for huge bathrooms. In many cases, the bathrooms, especially second bathrooms, bet short shrift. So tiny bathrooms may be something you have to live with, like it or not. But it’s not hopeless.

With some creativity and a minor investment, your tiny bathrooms can be just as appealing as sprawling master baths. The trick is to start by accepting the space limitations and then working with the space, not against it. A lot of improvements can be made relatively quickly and cheaply between tenants. With just a few updates you can increase the value of a unit substantially. Remember, first impressions are important for tenants, so it pays to pay attention.

Install a Focal Point

First impressions are a big part of winning tenants, so you’ll want a little bit of “wow factor” in your tiny bathroom. One way to do that is to install a single focal point fixture. There are a few options for doing this. In the end, whatever fixture you choose should be compact enough not to take up any extra room. But it should also be something to distract attention from the smallness of the space.

Think About Your Sink

One option for a focal point is your sink or faucets. No matter how you redecorate your bathroom, you will need a sink. So sprucing it up a bit doesn’t take any extra space. You don’t have to break the bank to find something to draw the eye. Try to stick with the style of your unit. If the unit includes classically-styled molding other traditional features, choose something slightly embellished. If your unit is clean and modern, choose a modernist fixture. Don’t go over-the-top; you still want to be functional. But a decorative and functional sink and faucet combo can really stand out.

Wall Features Are Important

Another option for a focal point in a wall feature. Most often this would be a piece of art. The nice thing about installing a piece of art is that it may not stay when the tenant moves in. That means that you only need to buy it once, then move it to another unit for showing. Alternatively, if you have a furnished unit used for showing, install it there. Remember, you’re updating a small space, so don’t choose anything that comes too far off the while. We want to beautify a space, not encroach on it. But am attractive, close-to-the-wall artistic focal point can do wonders for a first impression.

Don’t Forget the Lights

Lighting is another excellent way to make a first impression. Lighting, like the bathroom sink, is required for any bathroom. That means that you don’t take up any extra space when you install a better, more attractive light. Of course, avoid large, bulky lights or anything that hangs down. Instead, think about indirect lighting. Bathrooms should be bright enough for personal grooming. But the lights don’t need to be glaring. Use a light fixture with reflected lighting to give bright light that is still easy on the eyes.

Make Storage Work for You

It’s amazing how much space can be wasted by bathroom storage. On the other hand, intelligent storage choices can increase both storage opportunities and space. When square footage is at a premium, it’s time to think vertical. Think like architects who maximize expensive downtown real estate with giant skyscrapers. Make the most of every inch of space by stacking storage options.

First, identify places where storage is wasting space. A typical bathroom trick is to hide storage behind the mirror over the sink. A medicine cabinet can be a great use of space. Building on that theme, try installing floating shelves to add storage space. Floating shelves keep floor space clear. Just be sure not to put them in places where they could hit your head. Instead, install them over existing equipment, like over the toilet tank. Voila! Extra storage space without taking any more square footage.

Another great space-saving storage technology is simple hooks. You can start with some hooks along a wall that could hold towels. A series of four or five hooks can hold four or five towels in the same space a single towel rack holds only one or two. If you get creative, you can add even more storage space with hooks. Place hooks beneath a floating shelf, then hang small baskets form the hooks. They are a great storage spot for toothbrushes, makeup containers, and other toiletries.

Adding a second shower rod with some hanging baskets is another way to maximize space. A second rod located inside the shower can create space for lots of shampoos, conditioners, face washes, and other hygiene products.

Rethink Your Shower

A shower is an integral part of your bathroom. But it can also create a lot of wasted space. On the other hand, rethinking your shower can free up a lot of space. First, consider whether you really need a bathtub. If you have another bathtub in the unit, consider removing the tub from your smaller bathroom. Right off the bat, removing the tub will free up some space, and removing the wall of the tub will make the space appear larger.

If you are willing to spend a little bit of money, consider a curbless shower. Curbless showers are a hot trend right now, and they can really open up a space. Instead of a lip around the bottom to hold in the water, curbless showers have a sloped floor to help direct water to a central drain. At the entrance to the show, a linear drain catches any water that may spill over.

Keep Track of Your Renovation

After you’ve successfully transformed one bathroom, you need to be able to repeat that process for other units. Make sure to keep track of all the changes you are making. That includes tracking new fixtures or other items that were installed. It also means staying on top of who did the work, how well they did it, and what it cost. Having all of that information at your fingertips will save you time and money on the next unit.

One great way to keep all of your information is with construction management software form Needo USA. Our software is robust, with tools for tracking every aspect of your turnkey property renovations. To learn more about how Needo can help you, contact us. We’re excited to show you how Needo can make your life easier, more efficient, and more profitable.

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