“Our mission is to create a powerful network of service companies that will be able to compete and control quality and pricing standards by using the resources of our job tracking software and property database, ultimately being able to provide the best quality of work and customer support in property remodeling and maintenance.”

J.J. Villacres

Our Core Values

As a private company, Needo places strong emphasis on integrity, transparency and performance. The company strives to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit that has been its hallmark since inception, while continually improving workforce, operations and productivity to exceed client expectations. We aim to offer a challenging and rewarding work environment for Needo associates.

Our vision is to perfect a system that efficiently provides services from our internal customers (service companies, contractors, subcontractors, etc.) to our external customers (residential owners, managers, property employees). Our dedication to quality, strict adherence to deadlines, and passion for the industry has allowed us to guarantee customer satisfaction. We will continue to provide the best customer support in the industry.

  • Listening and analyzing feedback from our internal and external customers
  • Serving our industry for the advancement of all and rewarding those who excel
  • Outperforming the status quo, always growing and perfecting our services
  • Preparing for the future today